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KE5Z8zWaHQMWe are glad to welcome you on the website of our remarkable maf-club «IMPERIYA». Official gala opening has taken place on April 3, 2010 in fashionable PRADO cafe. Then organizers managed to surprise really public. Popular actors have taken part in the concert program, several bright debuts have taken place, including the audience has seen Ice Cream group which producer, the close friend and Dan Petrov’s colleague from group, Alexey Korzin is.
The hall sparked flashes of cameras, journalists and waiters with the crowded trays scurried about everywhere. The leading evenings, founders of club, at that time with the name «EMPIRE OF MAFIA», Dan Petrov and Stas Kuvayev didn’t leave a scene, filling up the hall with jokes and declaring numbers of the colleagues and the new devoted players of mafia. The hall really exulted when to a podium there were Antonina Shapovalova’s models. Tonja, Denis and Stas’s close friend, and the inveterate player, has presented to club the exclusive collection of clothes created under impression of mafia fights. Generally, nobody had to miss also guests of evening for a long time and with pleasure watched how the Moscow celebrities frankly lied each other at a game table.
Since then the IMPERIYA maf-club throughout all time opened the doors every Saturday both Sunday, and PRADO cafe rattled the excited shouts and exclamations: «He checked black, and you for him don’t put a hand?!!»…
The club developed and expanded.
After a year of cooperation with Prado cafe restaurant, we have moved to even more luxurious restaurant «Andreas». This time on opening, there were even more stars and even more television cameras, there have arrived such stars as: Dmitry Malikov, Sergey Zverev, Tarzan, Peskov, Chelsea, Podium and many others. All who wanted to play mafia in Moscow, knew what on the well-known Kutuzovsky Avenue, plays every day one of the most popular maf-clubs «IMPERIYA».
At that time in the Empire the whole gang of the mafioso who still are on friendly terms was already created, communicate and play in our club, and at the general request, we have found cozy and modest restaurant «Bolognese» near Lenkom Theatre.
At that moment on the first channel there was a Factory of Stars Return project where the group Chelsea took part, and Dan Petrov because of a lack of time has left our maf-club.
Since then Stanislav Kuvayev remained the founder and the owner of club, and further life of club boiled different events, we began to cooperate with the MAFLEAGUE project, have moved to the tremendous place on a garden ring — «Art-clumba», then there was a fine restaurant Jimmy’s Pub and the well-known restaurant on the New Arbat — the Crown.
There was further an acquaintance to the beautiful girl Darya Basanskaya and Maxim Lebedev who represented the company Lieber and маф club with the name of the same name and together with them we began to make joint games at Maski restaurant on Leninsky Avenue.
Nearly one and a half years we played at Restaurant of the Mask, but all players wanted changes, and Stas has made the decision that it is necessary to find a new playground.
The magnificent hotel Mercure, with two-storeyed bar and restaurant, the underground parking, with discounts for our players became the new house for club, for a year we held tournaments in «the thrown up fool», pass the tournaments «with Konsilyeri», have begun to do the tournament «4 seasons» and have carried out first-ever Maf-Olimpiadu!! And of course about 100 people gathered on games in mafia on Fridays and Saturdays, on weekdays there were always many interesting players. We have noted the fifth anniversary of club and the 30th anniversary of Stas. This place will always remain to one of our favourite places.

Stas has decided that he isn’t going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, the new logo has been thought up, the new requisite, absolutely new design of masks is printed, the new website Empireofmafia.com is open

On October 30, 2015 we have moved to the new place — Holiday Inn simonovskiy hotel!
The new platform of club provides to the guests optimum conditions. Luxury, comfort, fine kitchen, a convenient arrangement, three exclusive game zones — 2 tables in the central hall, the certain VIP hall for professional players, the cozy hall for training of beginners and carrying out trainings on mafia.